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A Bridgeton Affair
By Jessica Wight, Volunteer digital content creator   //  
Wed 3 Feb 2021
Popular Netflix show, Bridgerton has seen an increase of interest in the Georgian and Regency era. Our wonderful content volunteer Jessica Wight has wrote us a blog all about how Regency Weddings take place and the details are enough to make Lady Whistledown gossip.
A Bridgeton Affair

Bridgerton, the popular Netflix series, based on the book series by Julia Quinn, has seen a peak interest in silk wallpaper, ballroom gowns and all things Regency. Here, our volunteer content creator, Jessica Wight, tells us all the details of a Georgian wedding – so you can fulfil your fantasies and marry of the Duke of Hastings, historically accurately. Lady Whistledown will be gossiping! 


You may love great books and film like Pride and Prejudice or Bridgerton and wonder, "why wasn't I born in this era?" Here are some of the details about the Regency era so you can day dream accurately.

The regency period is a contrast to the exaggerated beauty and form of the Georgian era, opting away from Rococo designs and focusing on classical architecture and natural beauty. A short period, 1811-20, renowned by the works of Jane Austen and here at Allerton Castle we pay homage to this period of our Castles past as this period focused on the natural beauty that our stately house oozes elegance and regency details. Our regency room is decorated in such historical accurate detail we hope Jane Austen wouldn’t notice the difference. This era had its own wedding traditions and trends we wish would come back in fashion. 

Til Death Do Us Part

Wedding veils: The wedding veil was less popular, instead brides often wore ornate hairstyles, fresh flowers and small hats to match their gown. This can be seen in Pride and Prejudice and several of Jane Austen’s works, but don’t worry the stylish Emma wore a veil and it became the headpiece of choice for wedding here after. 

You may now kiss the …?: The famous lines of ‘you may now kiss the bridge’ did not appear in the wedding service for the regency period, it was an earlier tradition and in the regency service would finished with the catchy “With this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee worship, and with all my worldly goods I thee endow. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” I think we will stick to the kissing part. 

Read all about it

Your wedding would be published in the paper but it was often a family affair for these short years. Reminding us of the covid-19 guidelines Regency couples would have no trouble with the 15 rule. But everyone would know the date and time of your wedding and often gather outside the church to celebrate the facebook event of its day. 


A smart black suit with a white cravat was all the style for elite gentlemen and the middling classes. Skin tight breeches where still all the rage and evidence of calf padding can still be seen in surviving articles of clothing. The ladies dresses changed drastically from the square hip and huge wigs of the Georgian era to the natural ringlets, a line flowing dress and natural makeup look, something we still look to today for wedding makeup, to enhance our natural beauty for our special day to be a ‘woman of refinement’ on your special day.

In an era of refined elegance we aspire to the beautiful classic weddings of the regency, if you have found your Mr Darcy then Allerton is for you with our Austen suite and grounds that rival Pemberley.(Spoiler alert: We have been used to film Pemberly scenes for the Lost in Austen series and we love bragging about it).