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A Guide To Your Wellbeing in 2021
By Libby Cox, Wedding Planner at Allerton Castle   //  
Thu 4 Feb 2021
Here, we present some handy tips and reminders of how to look after yourself and your mental health during these strange times. Stay safe and take care.
A Guide To Your Wellbeing in 2021


A bit of a different blog from us today, as we will be tackling some big issues that everyone might be facing at the moment: your mental wellbeing.


2020 and 2021 have been difficult years for everyone, without a doubt. Here are the key things to look out for and check in with yourself regarding to ensure you consider your wellbeing during these hard times. 

Check in with yourself regularly

By asking yourself, how are you feeling right now? What are your thoughts? Dedicate some time in the day to reflect on how you feel, maybe write it down even. This can stop any thoughts or feelings building up and can remove some extra pressures.

Give yourself time

In the modern world, it is so easy to always be switched on whether it be checking work emails, scrolling social media or overwhelming deadlines.  So be sure to schedule some time to do what you enjoy, whether that is read a book, bake or even practise your skincare routine, times like these moments are essential for your wellbeing.

Don't be hard on yourself

Remind yourself this year, and last, is different to all the past years. It is like nothing we ever imagined so if you haven’t been able to get a promotion or buy that house, or even paint that doorway, give yourself a break. Sometimes your biggest achievement in a day is getting out of bed in the morning and telling yourself to tackle the day.

Connect with people

Ensure you do not isolate yourself from your family and friends. Scheduling a call on a regular basis can provide you with something to look forward to in addition with some much-needed socialising. Talk to loved ones about how you are feeling as it is probably likely you are not alone with your feelings. By sharing your feelings and you could not only be helping yourself but helping your loved ones too.

Get outside

Going outside can be so helpful for your mental health. Whether you go for a walk or run – make sure you schedule some time to get fresh air. Perhaps leave your phone at home and all the stresses that can come with it. Exercise is also seen to increase your mood and be essential for both your physical and mental health.


Mindfulness is becoming an everyday essential task, just like brushing your teeth. Mindfulness focuses on the present; channelling your thoughts and feelings.

Urgent Help

Most importantly, here is the number for Samaritans if you are struggling: 116 123  and need urgent help or call 999 if an emergency.


All these tips have been collected from wise words by vital mental health ambassadors. Some great resources are Life Hacks, Dr Radha, Fearne Cotton and NHS site. For more information please find it here: