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2020: What a Year!
By Libby Cox, Wedding Planner at Allerton Castle   //  
Thu 31 Dec 2020
2020 has been a strange year! Who would have known in January last year that all this would happen, but we have grown from this awful situation and came out stronger...
2020: What a Year!

2020 has been a difficult and full year to say the least! We started January 2020 thinking that 2020 would be one of our busiest years yet, how wrong we were! Here is a little review of our 2020! 

Jan- March

In March, everything changed. We hosted our last wedding on 14th March, just before the lockdown. At this point, COVID was not well known and just whispers. It seems so crazy to think now that something so important was unknown.


But what a wedding it was, and it is extra special now as it was our last wedding before micro weddings became the new normal! 


During lockdown we continued to move weddings, free of charge, and help couples who needed to find a new venue. We looked to the future and started our website rebrand, out with the red and in with the gold! So we can sparkle throughout 2021. 


We also made a virtual viewing 360 tour! Which was a great way of sending out viewing information to people interested in Allerton Castle. This is a tool we will use throughout the future for sure! 

Autumn, Winter and to 2021!

October we got the amazing news from Historic England that we have a culture recovery grant, which we have used to repair our grade 1 listed roof and protect this historic building.


Then, come November we were back in Lockdown. Able to continue with our essential restoration work and planning some amazing events, like our Christmas Wreath event we hosted in December after lockdown 2.0, and our special afternoon tour! Both events were a huge success as we were able to adapt these services to ensure they were covid safe and enjoyable! 


In summary, this year we have really learnt about zoom and the importance of virtual viewings, but we also know that COVID19 does not mean love goes away, and we can’t wait for better things in 2021…


Our new years resolution is to do more every month we can, we hope to host multiple special tours per month, rather than 3 per year, in addition to many more exciting events.