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A Brief History

Please find below a brief history of the site on which Allerton Castle now sits. For more information on a period of your interest, please click the links on the left of the page.

1066 William Mauleverer.
1100 Benedictine Priory established.
1441-1544 Lands owned by Kings College, Cambridge.
1544 Lands sold back to Mauleverer.
Mid 16th century House rebuilt.
1713 Richard Mauleverer died leaving no heir and Richard Arundel inherited the estate.
1720 John Vardy commissioned to design a new house.
1758 Estate passed to William Monkton, 2nd Viscount Galway (a cousin by marriage).
1786 Prince Frederick Augustus, Duke of York (brother to King George III).
1791 Col. Thomas Thornton, ‘one of the greatest sportsmen of his day’ changed the name to Thornville Royal (by permission of the Duke of  York) and it became a famous sporting and wildlife park. The house was described as an elegant new built mansion.
1805 Bought by the Charles Philip, the 17th Baron Stourton.
1807 Catholic chapel added.
1848-1854 Present house was built by Lord Mowbray, Segrave and Stourton.
War Years WWII saw the MOD take over the estate and it became the headquarters of No 6 Group, Royal Canadian Air Force.
1946 The family returned to the estate.
1965 Death of Lord Mowbray, Segrave & Stourton. The titles passed to his son and the estate to his grandson, then aged 12.
1966 Leased to SMA Fathers.
1973 Leased to a Victory Mount Trust.
1983 Dr Rolph purchased the castle with 1.5  Hectares of land. The building was in a state of disrepair and in need of substantial roof and structural repair.
1986 Dr Rolph founded the Gerald Arthur Rolph Foundation for Historic Preservation and Education to preserve Allerton Park for English and World Heritage.
2005 On the 21st/22nd January a massive fire destroyed one third of the castle.
2016 Dr Rolph gifted the Castle, its contents, grounds and estate to the UK charity the Gerald Arthur Rolph Foundation for Historic Preservation and Education
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