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Great Stairs

The paintings over the Great Stairs are original to the House and are on loan from the Stourton family:

Portrait of Mary Margaret, The Lady Stourton (born 17 December 1845) wearing a cream coloured dress with blue train, holding a fan in her left hand, by The Hon. Henry Graves.

Portrait of Alfred Joseph, The Lord Stourton (born 28 February 1829) by The Hon. Henry Graves.

The carved wood statues on each of the newel posts are new, having been carved by Tim Foster of York using pictures and the brass statues on each side of the fireplace as models. The originals were stolen sometime after the auction in 1965. They were traced by police to Belgium but they were unable to recover them. The stair carpet is English, machine woven to match the Great Hall carpet. Hot lead and debris had dropped onto the carpet under where the balcony was burned out but fortunately Foundation restoration staff were able to carefully remove this with only minimal damage to the carpet. The brass stair rods are individually made, some still to be replaced.

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