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Your Guide to being Newly Engaged
By Libby Cox, Wedding Planner   //  
Tue 3 Dec 2019
As a newly engaged person herself, Libby, our wedding planner gives us her advice and guide of what to do when you first get engaged.

So the day has finally came…the day that you said “yes” to your significant other. Whether there was a bending down on one knee, a romantic gesture or maybe even a ring – you both have decided to take that step in committing to each other and taking that next step.  Here is a little handy guide in taking those first steps when you have just gotten engaged.

Firstly congratulations…now onto those tips you’ve came here for: ​

Tip 1: Decide whether you want to post about it on social media

Think over whether you want to shout about it right away – it is all very exciting. The Wedding Report 2019 found 44% of couples post on social media in the first 24 hours. But consider first: is there anyone you need to tell first before getting all your likes and comments from school friends?

Tip 2: Try not to get swept up in the moment

It can be easy when you first get engaged to want to start planning right away. Although, try to remind yourself to just enjoy the engagement before you start planning your special day as if you rush into decisions, it can be easy to rush purchase items and even venues. It is good to sit down and think it all over before making big, and costly, choices.

Tip 4: Don’t be afraid to stray away

As previously mentioned, you might have some ideas which have developed over the years – but try not to stick to these ideas. As you shop around you might find that you do not have the same desires or inspirations as you use to and might want to do things a little different to how you imagined – that is no problem, try not to be scared of this!

Tip 5: Get budgeting

Before you start making any wedding plans, it is best to know you budget! It can be easy to not make a budget and tell yourself you can make these choices work – regardless of budget. Unfortunately , for most, a budget is a large factor which can make or break certain wedding choices, therefore it is helpful to start this off from the start. One great resource for a wedding budget can be found on National Wedding Guide’s site:


Tip 7: Make Notes

Do your research, read reviews, look at real weddings via photographer blogs and write down things you are unsure of so you can ask the experts, whether they are the suppliers or wedding venues, later on! You will be thankful when it comes to your meetings and initial discussions.

Tip 8: Don’t just take my word for it…

Look around at other blogs, podcasts or even social media and learn what other newly engaged couples are doing…but remember, everyone is different – do things your own way!


Happy Planning!