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Winter weddings are pure magic!
By Taste Cuisine   //  
Thu 1 Mar 2018
Just imagine. It’s finally here. THAT day! So many months of meticulous planning; the dress shopping, choosing your rings, the menu sampling, and more… Here we go, then!

You and your entourage are all abuzz with excitement – and a little tipsy from the champagne breakfast or flushed from all the rushing about no doubt! It won’t do you any harm; the weather’s somewhat fresh at this time of year and you’ll appreciate the glow. As the wedding car curls up the driveway toward Allerton Castle a collective “Wow…” erupts from within. It. Looks. Stunning. The snow across the fields, purest white. The winter morning sunshine throwing its rays through the trees like golden strobes, all bouncing off the castle’s entrance and highlighting a façade most grandeur. A few deep breaths and cheeky giggles later, smile firmly in place, you carefully step out across a frosted drive-front and walk with purpose towards your dream day.

As you walk through the castle’s huge doors into its Grand Hall, you quickly realise there is absolutely nothing your wedding planner has not thought of. Fires crackle and give off such a warmth, it’s like a Summer’s day. Your guests have been made welcome and are looking so relaxed, they could have been here for weeks! Canapés are being served; such beautiful creations like Whitby Crab ‘Croque Monsieur’ with Horseradish Puree and Confit Duck Spring Rolls with Hoisin Sauce, all with such an amazing taste! Glasses clink together as people mingle and play catch up with friends. You smile to yourself as you take a second to breathe it all in, and notice the tummy butterflies quickly fading.

This is only the beginning of your dreamy, winter wedding at Allerton Castle. After your marriage ceremony, you and your guests will be treated to the most exquisite wedding fare imaginable – all sampled and selected by you and your Taste Cuisine wedding planner before your big day – within the splendor of a chandelier-adorned, candle-lit Ballroom, with drinks that compliment your feast flowing constantly. The Memorial Gardens make a perfect setting for your formal photographs; the sun, low in the sky by the late afternoon, a magical touch of gold against the frosted countryside backdrop. Finally, after dancing yourself crazy with your closest friends and family amidst a sparkling Great Hall, it’s off to the comfort of the Palace Suite and into the arms of your one and only true love…

If it’s a warm and fuzzy, winter wedding you’re planning – or even a celebration during the sunnier seasons – then we’d love to hear from you!

To talk to us about your magical day or book a viewing at the castle, please do call the team at Taste Cuisine on 01937 841 013.