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Wedding Planning Tips – A Discussion Started by Sarah + Craig
By Stuart James   //  
Tue 23 Jan 2018
Words and advice shared by Sarah + Craig following their Yorkshire Wedding at Allerton Castle

I had the best time when capturing Sarah + Craig’s wedding, as you can see from their wedding featured on the blog here.

A few weeks ago when I got to talk with Sarah + Craig after they collected their wedding album from me, I had a chance to have a good chat with them both. Reflecting on their experience of planning their wedding, they had some real nuggets of information to share, and I just had to add my thought in too!

Write everything down and have to-do lists

Sarah’s first tip was absolutely perfect and so sensible. Surely, if you keep everything planned and organised, it will all stay under control! Or you would hope anyway!! Also, build everything into a scheduled plan – you don’t need to do everything at once!

Also following on from this, and picking up from a recent interview I had with Princess Brides, don’t forget to delegate!!

Have yourself some fabulous bridesmaids that help you through every tiny detail

Delegation at it’s finest here, and everyone WANTS to be involved!

Enjoy the planning process with your bridesmaids, and also when it comes to the day involve the guys too – give them their duties for the day!

Ask questions!

So key – after all, you’ve never done this before! Use every chance you get to ask questions, help answer any queries you have, and indeed learn from the experience of others. I know most suppliers like myself, are more than happy to talk through how we have seen a problem solved, whether it’s timings or logistics, or even just ‘knowing what to do’ in a certain situation! Let us help make the whole process fun, easy and seamless!

Have the most amazing husband to be that will support you and say “whatever you want to do…”

Love this!! And so true.

Make lists, especially with photographs – so happy made a list, of everybody we wanted!

But don’t go crazy – your photographer doesn’t need a list of every photograph you possibly want! In fact, I could never work to a list like that!

Instead, have an idea of photographs, and talk about them with your photographer! When it comes to family groups plan it out, then streamline as much as possible – you can easily cover the whole wedding party within a few arrangements, and have the rest of the day to enjoy yourselves!

Brainstorm, ask questions!

Brainstorming, again like, planning does help! Get those ideas on paper. Build a Pinterest board. And get talking and planning together!!

Think of every detail.

As much as you can anyway.

Take recommendations and make sure you’ve got the right people working with you, because, by saving a few hundred quid somewhere, you might not get the right person that you really want.

This is so on point! Trust recommendations from people who are happy with the service they received!

Sarah + Craig actually booked me before they’d seen my work, purely trusting how I was on the day when we were in Sorrento, and knowing I would be producing something special. When we got together a few weeks later to draw up the paperwork, there was no question for them they had made the right decision!

So take your time in your research – you only get one chance at this…make it count!

Memories. What do you put a price on a memory and somebody capturing that for you? Stuart again, with the photos, they’re worth their weight in gold to us

Craig, you hit the nail on the head! I can talk forever about the importance of photographs, and I know for my own personal photographs how important they are. But when your wedding day is a complete whirlwind, having the confidence and trust, knowing you’ve got a great record of your day being produced, really is priceless!

Pick someone that you fall in love with, with photographer, venue, everything!
You’ve got to feel natural!
You’ve got to feel it.
You’ve got to feel relaxed and natural. We’re lucky enough to have made friends with Stuart before the wedding, and so we were extremely lucky as not everybody is going to have that experience, where we were lucky enough for it to be ours. Get in touch with somebody and talk.
We recommend Stuart highly, because he will make you feel as best friends, and you’ll be having photos and having fun with friends all day, and it does show in the photos. And if some people aren’t relaxed around a photographer, a camera etc, Stu really will do the right job for you, put you at ease and look after you.
And just hope for the weather if you’re getting married in the UK!