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Wedding Facts: COVID-19
By Libby Cox, Wedding Planner   //  
Mon 23 Mar 2020
Here is some FAQ about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and some advice of what to do if your wedding day has been impacted by COVID-19 or you are concerned that it might be in the future.

At this point, you are probably sick of hearing about Covid-19, but it has widely impacted the wedding industry and everyday lives. I understand that right now it might be unclear what this means for your wedding day and your wedding plans. This might be causing you a great deal of stress. So, I have wrote some answers to frequently asked questions I have found regarding COVID-19 and your wedding day.  

Question: I am very anxious and unsure how COVID-19 impacts my wedding day?

Answer: Speaking to suppliers, your venue and those closest to you right now is the best answer. It can be easy right now to go into a downward spiral of hearing rumour after rumour on what this all means, however by asking your suppliers you are sure of what they can provide and do for you during this stressful time.  Once hearing what the official plan is from your suppliers, particularly your venue and registrars/church or similar, you will be able to put your mind to create an official plan towards rearranging your day.

Question: My wedding is coming up, but I am unsure if it will go ahead?

Answer: Contact your venue and your suppliers in this uncertain time so that they can reassure you. Perhaps you need to consider postponing your date depending on how far away your wedding is. I know it is awful – you have worked so hard to plan and it is finally hear, but now it is not possible for the safety of yourselves, your guests and the staff. By gaining this information as soon as possible you will be able to plan around it and make your day truly special! During this time, ask yourself how far away is it, is it far enough away from now? Will there be people at risk during my wedding that will be in danger? Also, monitoring government guidance is vital during this uncertain time. But remember to take breaks, the news during anxious times can stimulate more anxiety and fear.  

Question: I have just booked a wedding, but unable to buy wedding insurance right now due to the suspension of wedding insurance?

Answer: Discuss this with your venue. At Allerton Castle we are discussing this matter with new couples and are adding a clause in the contract to protect them if they need to cancel in this uncertain time.  When things become more familiar and wedding insurance becomes available again you can purchase during this time.

Question: I am wanting to find a venue, what can I do during this time?

Answer: Still enquire at the venue of your choice. Most venues will have methods in place to show couples around virtually and/or able to answer any questions. We, at Allerton Castle, currently have a virtual viewing video for couples to use until they can come see how amazing our stately home is in person! 

Question: I have had to move my wedding date – what next?

Once you have decided to move your wedding date it is vital that all your suppliers are aware, don’t forget the registrars and hair/make up which might be missed off your list! You may want to either create a message to send to your guests to make them aware of the change of date, or perhaps you wish to send them a new invite, Canva might be a good app to do this. It is a free app on your phone or desktop that creates personal, professional looking graphics!

A little message of positivity:

I know this is a very hard time for all. However please note that the excitement for your special day will return and you will have a wedding in a much more enjoyable time – making it truly special for you and your partner. In the meantime, why not enjoy this prolonged period of isolation and get crafty – create some DIY elements of your special day!