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Top 5 New Bridesmaid Dress Trends
By Wendy Dessler   //  
Thu 1 Aug 2019
Bridesmaid dress trends are changing to become more varied, showcasing the personality of the bridesmaid in addition to bringing the overall wedding theme together.
Bridesmaid Dress trends Yorkshire

This is an exciting time for brides, who can create a display that is entirely unique to their big day while following some of the latest trends.

If you’re looking to create a look that’s one of a kind while being stylish and notable, take a look at the top five new bridesmaid dress trends.

Mix and Match

No longer is having everyone in the exact same dress with identical necklines and colors the go-to look for trendy brides. Now you can mix and match to your heart’s content for an eclectic, whimsical vibe that your girls and guests will love.


There are a few ways to handle the mix and match look. You can either have brides in the same style dress and color with different necklines that suit their styles and support needs or let them choose from a variety of colors. Some brides can be in florals while others are monochromatic; the choice is yours. Get inspiration for this look from BRIDESMAID DRESSES & WEDDING DRESSES | AZAZIE.


One of the hottest new bridesmaid dress trends has nothing to do with dresses at all. In fact, jumpsuits are becoming a preferred look for modern bridesmaids. This is a great look for fashion-forward brides who want a modern look, leaving the traditional gowns in the past. 

For a fresh alternative to jumpsuits that’s perfect for a warm, summer wedding, opt for a romper rather than a jumpsuit. Not only are these cooler and easier to get around in, but they also provide a chic, trendy look that’s perfect for a wedding on the seashore or over a classy brunch.

Bridesmaid dress trends yorkshire
Tea-Length Gowns

Tea-length gowns are all the rage this year, regardless of the season. Summer weddings benefit from the cooler take on bridal party attire, while more formal events still look great with a cocktail dress. Make this look your own by having simple, monochromatic tea-length dresses and wild, eye-catching shoes.

For a mix of casual and formal, many modern brides are blending the tea-length cut with full-length dresses by using high-low gowns. Make this look even better by having rompers with floor-length chiffon slitted overlay. This look allows you to add snaps to your bridesmaids’ rompers to make trips to the restroom a breeze.

Off-the-Shoulder Dresses

While varied sleeves are a great part of the mix and match trend, off-the-shoulder dresses are making a statement for themselves. These dresses fit well with the comeback of ruffles in high fashion, for a Tex-Mex inspired look that is both sexy and elegant.

To make this look work for all your bridesmaids, look for a dress that has structure and support. Boning in the bodice can help hold the dress in place, and investing in fashion tape for your bridesmaids can keep everyone comfortable.

Bridesmaid dress trends yorkshire

Trendy brides can give their bridesmaids the option to re-wear their attire by choosing separates rather than a single gown. This look came into being with the tulle skirt trend and is sticking around as the look evolves. Look for tea-length skirts in florals with monochromatic tops or matching pieces that can be repurposed later.

This look also opens up the floor for different body types, allowing bridesmaids the choice of their top style. A casual, modern summer wedding might have a few brides in crop tops, others in wrap tops, and a few in the iconic off-the-shoulder tops. 

The biggest bridesmaid dress trend in recent years is to celebrate your friendships by allowing their unique styles to shine through and understanding that different body types are an opportunity, not a challenge. Choose one of these trendy looks and let your girls’ style shine through.

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