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Planning for your special day? Let's talk food!
By Libby Cox, the Wedding Planner   //  
Tue 22 Oct 2019
Our wonderful caterer have let us in on their Wedding Breakfast secrets and answered your questions.
wedding catering yorkshire

A Wedding Breakfast is one of the most memorable moments during the wedding day, of course for yourselves it will be saying “I do,” but for your hungry guests a 3-course meal is truly the way to their heart.

wedding catering yorkshire
Sarah asked: What is a Wedding Breakfast?

Firstly, let establish why is the meal called a wedding breakfast?

No, it isn’t a way of avoiding the British North and South divide of what is dinner and tea. A Wedding Breakfast is actual a lovely reference to the meal being the first meal you share as a married couple.  

Lily asked: What do I need to consider when picking my menu choices?

It’s all about taste! Our couples have a complimentary tasting with Bradshaws which is an amazing way to taste some food selections! Pick what you love – and the rest will follow.

wedding catering yorkshire
Chris asked: How long does a wedding breakfast take?

 Wedding Breakfasts at Allerton Castle take roughly 2 1/4 - 2 1/2  hours, but this may vary with what type of meal you have – sharing platters may take longer for guests to enjoy.


Jamie: When should I have the speeches?

We recommend having speeches after the meal – I know you probably want to get it out the way if you are a speaker, although guests might be hungry and would listen so much clearer with a full belly!

wedding catering yorkshire
Hannah asked: What if I want a choice menu?

Choice menus can be a great way of feeding everyone what they want with no fuss! We ask that you pick three menu options and a dietary option for any dietary requirement guests **. When you send out RSPV’s you should always ask for any dietary requirements and what choice of meal they would like!

Nick asked: What do I serve children at my wedding?

If you have chosen to have children at your wedding, we can do two things, either have a separate meal for younger children who are slightly more picky in their meal choices, or they can have a half portion of a standard meal, just like their family! Don’t worry about getting highchairs, you can hire use those provided by Bradshaws of York for no fuss on your wedding day.

** 3 options for each course to include a vegetarian option. Other dietary requirements will be catered for appropriately