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Our Super Snowy Wedding Fair 4th March 2018
By Hannah Senior – Allerton Castle’s Wedding Planner   //  
Mon 5 Mar 2018
Our snowy wedding fair took place on the 4th of March. It was a huge success, many people ventured out despite the weather.

As you drive up the private driveway cleared of snow, you discover a spectacular view of Allerton Castle hidden between the trees, coated in fluffy snow.


Walking under the grand Porte Cochere, through the gigantic arched doors into the warmth of the Castle. After signing in and receiving your luxury gift bag, you walk up the steps, into the Great Hall.

Simply magnificent. Your breath is taken away by the shear opulence of the Great Hall. The welcoming atmosphere, the sounds laughter and soft, gentle music created by a professional string quartet invites you in for more.

Your mind runs wild with inspiration from the reputable suppliers. Walking around, gaining ample amounts of information, chatting and explaining your dreams and ideas you have for your perfect wedding day. Using all your senses to explore; trying on handsome hats, delicate dresses, tasting tremendously scrumptious cake, listening to a relaxing string quartet.


After exploring the all the stunning, unique rooms the Castle has to offer, there is just enough time to grab a cup off coffee, a wedge of cake and sit down in the comfy chesterfields by the ostentatious Fireplace as the wood crackles beneath the flames. Sink into the sofas whilst looking through the many brochures and leaflets you have collected, brimming full of information.

On the way out saying your goodbyes, you only wish this is the beginning and there will be many more marvellous memories created here at Allerton Castle.

We can’t wait for our next Wedding fair on Sunday October 7th 2018!