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Magical Winter Wonderland
By Libby Cox   //  
Wed 29 May 2019
We all know that summer is a busy time for weddings – however this blog explores the reasons why winter can be an ideal time for weddings.
Winter Wonderland Wedding venues
Winter is a magical time full of happiness, giving and love, channel this for your special day. 
More Availability

With most weddings taking place in summer, it is often that suppliers, venues and guests have more availability over the winter season. Therefore, it is common that you get the pick of the dates – with no compromise needed!

By having a winter wedding, you also ensure your guests won’t have to choose your wedding over someone else’s. After all, weddings shouldn’t be a popularity contest.

So many options for themes!
Winter can inspire so many themes, allowing you to play with different colour schemes. You may want an icey theme of blues and silvers, or maybe a more magical silver and purple or even the festive reds, golds and greens – there is no limit to the combinations which work in winter.
Struggling for an overall theme? Winter wonderland is always a great place to start!
Winter wonderland wedding venues
Everything seems magical
During that time of year, it is more likely that your guests will see everything as a magical wonderland – therefore this is your time to shine. Presenting your guests with a magical venue.
Winter wonderland wedding venues
Festive photos are the best kind of photo!
We put a Christmas tree up from December ensuring you and your guests have a festive backdrop for your photos.
It might snow….
Need we say any more?!