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Finding the Perfect Supplier
By Libby Cox   //  
Tue 19 Feb 2019
Suppliers are vital in creating your dream day. Here are a few things to consider when searching for suppliers.

When planning your perfect day, it is important to assign a reasonable budget to the important elements of your day such as florists, photographer etc. It can be helpful to write a list of all your essential needs, so you can prioritise your suppliers and budget accordingly.  

Do your research

Research is a must when deciding which suppliers to use. Follow your prospective suppliers on social media; understand what they have done in the past and their creative styles. Ask yourself, is this the style I want for my special day? Reviews and scores can be helpful in considering what previous clients have said and thought. Planning sites often show suppliers’ reviews, such as Bridebook and Hitched.  If something concerns you, just give them a call and ask.

Attend Wedding Fairs

Wedding Fairs are a great way of meeting suppliers face to face and can help ensure that you connect well with them. Having a good rapport with your suppliers can have a huge impact for your special day. Attending Wedding Fairs at your chosen venue (if possible) can be really helpful as these suppliers will be aware of any requirements the venue may have as well as knowing the space and possibilities. Check out other Wedding Fairs too to pick up different ideas but be sure to check with your chosen venue before booking anything too unusual!


Shopping around for different suppliers is a helpful way to keep to your budget. Ask as many questions as possible to ensure you are getting everything you want for your special day. Perhaps your photographer also has a photobooth that they can bring? Perhaps your florist also provides table decorations? Maybe your Auntie likes baking cakes and knows someone else who does cake icing? It is important to ask all the questions you may have. Your suppliers really do not mind!  

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