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Children at your Castle Wedding...
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Wed 11 Jul 2018
Do we or don’t we…invite the children? You’d think, after a marriage proposal, the hard part was all done, right? If only! The most important question ever simply paves the way for numerous others - where to tie the knot, when, and who to invite? And if deliberating your guests isn't tough a task, next consider the biggest quandary possible - do you invite kids??!

For some, it’s an easy one, particularly to those who’ve already become parents prior to their big day. Yet for others, it’s not so simple. If you’re feeling you’d like to keep your day exclusive to your adult friends and family, that’s fine – it’s your day, with no rights or wrongs to it. But if you’d prefer your celebrations to accommodate the little people in your life, then read on for some sound tips on making your child-friendly wedding at Allerton Castle a success.

Mummy! I’m hungry!

Now the formalities are all done, everyone can relax a little more. Unless you’re a five-year-old who feels like their last meal was over a year ago! Canapés are a great way to see everyone tucking into the food quickly, and Taste Cuisine has a number of options which would please any palate, young or old; mini Steak & Ale Pies or Bangers & Mash both go down great with a younger audience and keep tummies happy until the main meal arrives. On that note, you’ll find plenty more amongst Taste Cuisine’s children’s options to suit the little ones, such as the Little Cheeseburger & Chips or Chicago Pizza. Polish this off with a Chocolate Brownie and, hey presto, no more hungry hippos! Don’t forget to involve older children during the Reception by having them pass around the Guestbook to sign, or handing out play-packs to the younger children. And make sure each table has an activity or two at the ready for any kids who are expected to stay seated throughout the meal, such as colouring papers and pens, stickers, mini jigsaws or books to read.

It’s Party Time!

You’re leaving the Ball Room and heading for the Great Hall to get your boogie on. This is where many of your younger guests will come into their own, loving a dance with the grown-ups and showing off the latest moves. However, wedding discos quickly become loud and can prove overbearing for the really little ones. When the music’s too loud, on light evenings, the Allerton Castle grounds provide the perfect outdoor space with huge gardens to explore or supervised play Hide and Seek in. Or, you can bring a few games along with you to provide outdoor entertainment, such as children’s croquet or boules. If budget allows for it, have a child-minder or two on hand at your night do to keep the kids’ cared for whilst the older crowd let their hair down.


Whatever your wedding style, preparation is key to its success so make sure you speak with our planning team to help you create the most perfect, child-friendly day to remember!

Children at your Castle Wedding...
Credit to Joel Skingle for photography