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An Open Letter to all the newly engaged couples of 2019!
By Libby Cox - Allerton Castle's Wedding planner   //  
Fri 4 Jan 2019
Welcome to the Wedding Planning Club!

Perhaps 2018 was extra kind to you and wrapped under the tree was a small ring box, which brought great change to you and your partner’s life. Or perhaps you started 2019 with a bang, more amazing than any firework and you became a newly engaged couple – well I can certainly say 2019 is going to be your year! 
I would firstly like to say to you, congratulations and welcome to the Wedding Planning Club!

Wedding planning often holds negative connotations of causing stress and bringing the risk of you turning from a perfectly normal, amazing human being, into a power-crazy lizard-like creature, named Bridezilla, as suggested by popular media. I am here to reassure you that Wedding Planning does not have to be a stressful process – so long as you remember along the way you are planning a day dedicated to you and your partner, therefore you do not need to satisfy everyones’ wants and needs.

Of course, Allerton Castle couples do have the luxury of having their own dedicated wedding planner, myself, to assist them in producing their perfect wedding day. Therefore, further removes that final layer of stress and ensures you that everything is under control, if I do say so myself.

Keeping calm is key

I can also say to all couples, after working in hospitality and weddings for the past 6 years, I have never seen someone transform into a power-crazy, lizard-like creature. Perhaps some brides know what they want, slightly better than others, however it is important to remember - even as a guest or bridesmaid - this day is all about the couple. Some couples may have been thinking about this day since their childhood, therefore this needs to be respected and upheld in the best possible way, within reason of course.

Now you have joined the Wedding Planning Club....

I am able to disclose the first step of planning your wedding to you. This first step is pivotal for all couples to remember as they approach making any decisions surrounding their wedding day. My advice to you is: Ask all the questions!

No question is too big or small

if you are searching for your perfect wedding venue, florist or even wedding entertainment, ask all them all! Do not feel that any question is too small, stupid or complicated. Asking questions allows you and your supplier to be on the same page, it can also ensure that you know that you are fulfilling your dream wedding image 100%.  


Happy Planning!

Photo credit to the talented: Lianna Gray, Abbie Sizer, ER Photography and Hamish Irvine