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Addressing the Vegan in the room
By Bradshaws of York   //  
Mon 11 Mar 2019
Anyone who has organised an event over the past year or so cannot help but be aware of the rise of Veganism today, whether it is for concerns about animal welfare, health or environmental factors Veganism is no longer the minority it once was in fact numbers have increased 4 fold this year. Recent studies have shown that vegans and vegetarians on the whole are healthier than followers of an omnivorous diet (though the jury is out on life expectancy.) And when Guinness changes its 200 year old brewing process to go Vegan, it’s time to sit up and take notice.

So as your RSVP’s begin to arrive and amongst the vegetarians you spot that a friend or family member has decided to go animal free, don’t start thinking of reasons to disinvite, just let Bradshaws know, it’s our job to delight everyone, not just the carnivores.

At Bradshaws we constantly keep an eye on current dining trends to ensure we can excite all of your guests, to this end we have included vegan options at every course on our menus and over the last few years have been developing a bank of fabulous plant based dishes that we think everyone will enjoy.

Vegan Menu

For us it was fortunate that our Head Chef, Rob, married a vegetarian, he has been practising his vegetarian and vegan creations on his family for several years now and it really shows in the imagination and scope of his dishes. Using techniques such as dehydrating, smoking and fermentation we can bring an extra dimension to the dishes we produce.


Vegan Menu

Squash and Butterbean Pate,

Toasted Seed Brack, Pomegranate Dressing

Dehydrated Sweet Pepper.



Vegetable and Sweet Potato Tagine,

Roasted Lemon, Coriander Chick Peas




Homemade Carrot Cake,

Macerated Strawberries,

 Strawberry Powder, Non Dairy Ice Cream




Tea or Freshly Brewed Coffee with Soy Creamer

Vegan Weddings

This year we have prepared and served two totally Vegan weddings and a further five vegetarian weddings, but it’s not just the main course to consider, there are animal products where you would never expect to look.

Cigarettes – If you needed a final reason to give up smoking then that fact that their flavour is enhanced using a particular gland of a beaver (and it’s not near its head..) may just be the one you’re looking for.

Sweets – Those innocent looking jelly sweets, most are set using Gelatine, made from boiling down animal bones, mmmm delicious.

Beer – A lot of ales in the UK are cleared using either Gelatine or Isinglass (the swim bladders of fish) a lot of small brewers will skip this part of the process if asked but the beer won’t be pin clear when served (but it tastes the same.)

Cider – Yes, your night out is a mine field, it’s again in the clearing process that most well know ciders use animal products but some of the fruit ciders also add colour using Cochineal, (the ground up shells of insects.)

Wine – Not wine too.. Again it’s in the clearing.

Cereals – Some cereals contain chocolate coatings or pieces which contain milk so are obvious, but were you aware that if a cereal has been fortified with Vitamin D a sheep has been involved?

Icing Sugar – Iced cakes will already contain butter and eggs but just a sprinkling of icing sugar at the end to decorate will contain powdered egg white.

Soft drinks and fruit juices may also contain animal products whether to clear them or in the Shellac (secreted from the Lac bug.) that some producers use to coat their fruit. It’s best to check the label.

So don’t be worried about your Vegan friend, we have the experience and knowledge to look after them and allow you to enjoy your day.