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5 Flawless Tips for Taking the Best Bridal Selfie
By Ashley Lipman   //  
Thu 13 Aug 2020
Ashley provides her top tips in taking the best bridal selfie on your special day.

>You’ve done your makeup, set up the shot, and start snapping away. Even so, sometimes we take hundreds of selfies and still miss that ‘just-right’ angle or the right lighting.

The good news is that there are a few simple ways you can improve your selfie game and take the best bridal selfies. Here are five tips to get that perfect selfie shot from lighting and angles to filters and editing.

Lighting and Shadows

Getting creative with how you use light and darkness in selfies can create absolutely stunning effects. It can turn a regular bridal selfie into a dramatic masterpiece – and you don’t need high-end equipment to achieve the desired effects.

You’ll likely have to hunt around the venue to find the spot with the perfect natural light. Combining that with the right angle can make you look glowing, warm and healthy - just the way a bride should look.

Conversely, if you don’t position lights well, poor shadow effects can make you look tired, drawn, and even ill.

Flattering Angles

The phrase “getting your good side” is one that most of us are probably familiar with. It’s more than a figure of speech, however. Our faces and bodies aren’t symmetrical, and some angles might be more flattering than others.

When you’re setting up and taking your selfie, try taking the shot from different sides and angles. That way you can find one that suits you the best

Mirror Selfies

If you want to take the perfect mirror selfie while you’re getting ready, angles and light are particularly important.

The reflective light can enhance or ruin a photo, and the wrong camera position can completely obscure important features. However, you can also play with interesting angled shots to create unique mirror effects.

Take Several Shots

The chances of you taking the perfect selfie on the first try are quite low. You’re more likely to take two to ten tries before you take one that you’ll be satisfied with. There’s nothing wrong with taking several selfies, though.

In fact, photographers often take hundreds of photos just to find the one they finally end up using. The same principle applies to taking a perfect bridal selfie. Try out different poses, lights, expressions, and angles until you find the one that looks just right.


There are many great tips for awesome selfie shots, but this is undoubtedly an essential one.

Many apps will help you find an excellent background for your selfie. However, when you’re taking a selfie as a bride, the surroundings in the snap is part of the point. Try different shots and poses to use the landscape around you to enhance the photo.

You also need to be aware of your surroundings.

The internet is filled with pictures of folks who failed to spot an accidental – or intended – photo bomb. You’re going to be surrounded by guests or, if you’re getting married on a public beach, by random strangers.

Before taking your bridal selfie, cast a quick eye around you just to be safe. It wouldn’t do for your beautiful photo to feature your great uncle’s toothless yawn, after all.

Take Away

We all take a selfie now and then, but when you’re taking a bridal selfie, you need your photo to be absolutely right. Getting that perfect shot doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. With just a few changes and a little experimentation, you can take flawless selfies like a pro.

Remember to play with lighting and shadow effects to enhance your photo. If you don’t have a background you like, try different spots available at the venue. Experiment with angles and try to find one that flatters your face and shape the most.

Finally, take several photos and play around with filters. You’ll eventually capture the moment perfectly, just the way you want it. When you do, don’t forget to share it with the world.