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10 Things to do on your meant-to-be-wedding-day
By Libby Cox, Wedding Planner   //  
Tue 14 Apr 2020
COVID-19 has changed the shape of life as we know it. Some couples out there, it has also changed their wedding day. If your meant-to-be-special day is coming up, here are a few things to fill your day with joy.

I understand that it can be such a difficult time for everyone. But for those of you who have been planning your wedding for months or even years, you have been bitterly disappointed, and your special day has now moved or been cancelled. Here is my 10 suggestions on what you can do to make the day a celebration in lockdown.

Create a positive atmosphere

Now, there’s no way I am suggesting you to dust-off your knees and forget all about it – because that isn’t going to happen! What you should do is make your home an environment that makes you happy, maybe tidy up to reduce any tasks you need to do in advance to your would-be-wedding-day. Do you feel better if you get dressed up and put some make up on? Or maybe comfy pjs and slippers fill you with happiness. Make your perfect environment before anything else.

Get treats ready

Along with your essential basics why not fill the cupboards and fridges with some amazing treats! Perhaps make your own version of your wedding menu! Do it together and make it fun! Play your wedding playlist and channel your inner chef! Make this day about the small celebrations like good food! No diets or healthy eating exist on this day – it wouldn’t have if your wedding day went ahead on this day!

Do something that matters

Your special day is all about the two of you. So why not celebrate that. Have a blast from the past and do something memorable to you both – perhaps the first film you watched? Perhaps you went on a walk nearby? Relive the experiences you can!

Remember this time

Take mock photos of your wedding day with your phone to send to your family and friends, practise your poses and have fun while you do it!  Sending these photos for your family and friends lets them be a part of it and makes them just as excited as you for your new wedding date.

Connect with loved ones

Science has proven that humans, whether social or not, thrive from speaking to family and friends. Why not video call your family and friends – share in the experience with them, have them write speeches for you, talk about your favourite memories.

Know your emotions

This date might be a mix of emotions for you some good and bad. It is important you do not hide those negative emotions and let them grow. Show your feelings as you feel them. Tell each other that yes, it is rubbish that you haven’t been able to celebrate your special day – but when it happens, it will be amazing!

Appreciate each other

Talk with your partner about your memories, look at old photos and communicate about why they are important to you. These are the moments you are reminded why you are going to marry each other and it is important to appreciate each other.

Practise Gratitude

It was found that happiness can be stimulated by being grateful for what you have and by stating “I am grateful for…” happiness is seen to rise. Try think of 3 reasons you and your partner are grateful on this day.


On this difficult day, it is important to laugh! Tell each other jokes, dance and just enjoy this moment. Scientists have proven that by one person producing laughter, even fake laughter, it will stimulate joy and laughter from others and then the participant will laugh and feel joy themselves. 

Stay Strong

Finally, remember that this has not been for nothing. The reason behind your wedding day is so important and ensures your safety and of your family and friends. Your wedding day will finally come and in a better circumstance, where guests can hug and celebrate together with nothing in the way.