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The Park

In 1805, at the time of purchase by Lord Stourton, the estate comprised of 4525 acres which included the house, pleasure grounds and the richly timbered park of 500 acres.

In The Beauties of England published in 1812, John Begland wrote of the estate as “charming, picturesque presenting a great variety of hills, dales and groves, delightfully interspersed. A beautiful lake contributes to ornament the scenery”.

From a plan of 1834 there were major changes in the lakes taking a softer, more naturalistic form.

Between 1834 and 1850 the structure of the water bodies, woodland, shelterbelts and tree clumps are altered and a number of additional features appear, although still showing the earlier house

In 1893 Edmond Bogg wrote that Allerton stood “in a commanding position on the rising ground nearly surrounded by old beeches and elms …The park of nearly 500 acres surrounded by a wall is delightful with gentle hills and vales, where stags and doe deer love to roam. Beautiful velvety lawns, studded with golden bench and rustic pavilions lead to the lakes on whose surface swans and other fowl glide”. In 1983 Dr. Rolph was able to purchase about 113 acres of this Park including the Temple of Victory and the pond in front of the Castle.