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Around the portrait gallery are three paintings and frames which are original to the House, having been purchased from the Stourton family. The fourth frame is a copy of the original. Each painting is oil on canvas and approximately 8ft x 5ft in size.

The portrait of a lady in a green satin dress (possibly Lady Arundell) is by William Dobson, a pupil of Van Dyke. This painting is considered as being of National importance.

The further portraits are of Sir Thomas Darcy, 1st Lord Darcy of Chiche, Lord Chamberlain to King Edward VI wearing the Order of the Garter. Born 1506, died 1588. (Holbein school, after Garlach Sliche). A portrait of Sir Thomas Savage, (1st Viscount Savage) at the age of 51, born about 1580, died 1635. (Dutch school).

The fourth painting is of Lady Charlotte Finch, Duchess of Somerset, born 1711, died 1773. (by Michael Dahl). 

There are two late 19c Beachwood regal armchairs, crowned with the double eagle cretonnes of the Hamburg family, over the Spanish Royal crest. The pairs of shields over each bedroom door represent marriages by the Stourton family over the generations, with the Stourton shield on the left and the wife’s shield on the right.