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This room was never completed in its day and for many years was known as the ‘box room’ and used for the storage of luggage and boxes.

What you see now was designed and commissioned by Dr. Rolph and is based on a square Salon in the old Eaton Hall designed by William Porden in 1803-1812, which sadly was pulled down.

The plasterwork of the ceiling and groins was cast by a Leeds area firm both at their works and on site. The carved woodwork on the doors and the two tables is by Tim Foster, a local wood carver trained at Lincoln College and who first started carving for us as part of our Educational Programme.

The white marble fire surround was carved in Carrara, Italy, the marble being from the same quarries that supplied ancient Rome. Note the Stourton seadog and the Mowbray lion incorporated into the design with the full Baron Mowbray, Segrave & Stourton crest carved into the centre.

The 19th century boullework tortoise shell and gilt clock was restored by foundation staff.